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Beard Restoration

Stronger, Thicker, Full Beard Hair Growth.

Men often feel insecure and self-conscious when they have thin or patchy facial hair. This can make their features appear uneven since our eyes are naturally drawn to symmetry. At Glamderm Medispa- Full Body Cosmetics in Mississauga and Toronto, we specialize in addressing these concerns by focusing on specific areas such as the eyebrows, moustache, and beard to help restore hair growth for a more balanced, fuller, and youthful appearance.

We offer a wide range of hair restoration solutions, primarily focusing on providing clients with the most efficient, affordable, and non-intrusive methods. Our PRP Facial Hair Restoration technique is a non-surgical approach that promotes natural hair growth by nourishing and stimulating the follicles.

What is PRP beard restoration treatment?

Treatment Time

30 minutes



Results Last

Long Lasting

Pain Level

Minimal discomfort (with the use of numbing cream)

The PRP Hair/Beard Restoration Treatment Three Steps


The first step involves taking a small blood sample from your arm, which is then collected in a specialized tube. Following this, the tube is placed into a device known as a centrifuge.


Next, the blood sample undergoes centrifugation to separate the platelets from the whole blood and create platelet-rich plasma.


Using the syringes filled with concentrated PRP, carefully inject the prepared solution into specific areas of the scalp or face that are experiencing thinning hair or baldness.

Tailored Plans

Our treatment process starts with a confidential consultation, during which our skilled practitioner comprehensively evaluates your facial condition. We discuss the desired results and assess whether the treatment suits you. Based on this discussion, we create a personalized treatment plan collaboratively.