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Kybella – Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal

Having an excessive amount of weight on the face can give the impression of a double chin, making adults seem older and more overweight or out-of-shape than their actual state. However, there is now a non-surgical option available for those who want to eliminate their double chin. Known as Belkyra, this innovative treatment involves injecting prescription medication into the submental area (underneath the chin) to destroy fat cells effectively.
Patients often find a double chin distressing, as it can give the false impression of being overweight or unhealthy. Adding to their frustration, many patients report that exercise and a healthy diet do not seem to reduce the size of their double chin.


15 – 20 Minutes

Recovery Period:

Go home same day


$500-$600 per syringe

Back to Work:

Right away!

Results last for:

Varies according to patient’s needs

The Benefits of Kybella ©:

KYBELLA offers a several benefits for patients, such as:


No surgery is necessary


Extraordinarily long-lasting results


Little to no downtime is typically required


Treatment time is minimal and can be completed here in the office


Noticeable reduction of excess fat beneath the chin for a more contoured appearance

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Kybella ©?

The treatment is highly effective for individuals with excessive fat beneath the chin. However, it may not be suitable for those with a double chin caused by loose and inelastic skin rather than excess fat. In such cases, a surgical lifting technique can be considered as a better alternative. This procedure removes surplus skin along the neck and under the chin while also tightening the remaining skin to yield a more youthful appearance.

Before undergoing this treatment, it is important for individuals to be in good overall health. Our initial consultation will assess your specific needs and provide alternative options if KYBELLA may not align with your goals.

How does the KYBELLA® Procedure Work?

KYBELLA is administered by injecting a thin needle into specific areas of the chin. To reduce any potential discomfort, numbing can be applied to the skin beforehand. Once injected, KYBELLA aims to destroy fat cells in these targeted areas, leading to a gradual reduction of excess fat over time.

For optimal results, it may be necessary to undergo two to four KYBELLA treatment sessions based on your specific requirements.