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Non-surgical Hair Restoration

Thick & Healthy Hair

Many individuals, both male and female, experience the gradual and distressing process of hair loss or thinning.

Our hair plays a significant role in shaping our style and identity. It holds sentimental value, symbolizing youth and providing tactile pleasure. While we have no control over the hand we are dealt with, leveraging advanced technology and personalized analysis of our hair and skin can help us discover effective methods to combat hair loss and regain its natural beauty.

Hair Loss for Men and Women

By reaching 50, approximately half of men will have encountered some hair loss.

This condition can begin as early as 20 years old, and for some individuals, it can result in a lifetime of feeling embarrassed, emotionally stressed, and even potentially experiencing depression.

Hair loss is not limited to men alone; women can also be affected by this condition, which can have devastating effects. It is estimated that approximately 50% of women over the age of 65 experience pattern hair loss, and younger women may also suffer from this issue for similar reasons as men.

Hair loss can occur in males and females due to various factors.

One common factor contributing to men’s hair loss is hereditary male pattern baldness.

Various factors can lead to temporary or permanent hair loss in both women and men, including alopecia, stress, medication side effects, surgical procedures, and certain diseases.

Alopecia is an immune system disorder where the body mistakenly attacks its hair follicles, leading to hair loss in patches or clumps. While some individuals may experience temporary alopecia and eventually regrow their hair, others may face permanent hair loss.

At Glamderm MediSpa, our approach goes beyond simply examining the affected areas. We believe in talking to gain insight into your medical background, specific symptoms, daily life, and the impact of these factors.