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Unfortunately, scars are a natural part of the body’s healing process. When damaged tissues are stitched together with collagen, a fibrous network forms and results in visible scars on the skin; while most wounds and injuries lead to some degree of scarring, each person’s unique complexion will determine how these scars appear. Scars may have a different texture and appearance than the surrounding normal skin cells – they can be smooth, shiny or raised. Over time, scars usually fade and lighten as they mature; however, for many individuals, darker pigmentation or an elevated appearance can make their scars quite prominent and cause feelings of embarrassment. In particular, facial acne breakouts often leave pitted, wavy red or purple marks, which can further undermine one’s confidence if not treated promptly with appropriate scar treatments.

Scars caused by burns or surgeries can appear as smooth, discoloured patches of skin that may also feel tight and distort the surrounding skin. Stretch marks are a common form of scar resulting from the tearing of deep layers of skin due to rapid growth spurts, pregnancy, or muscle/weight gain. The natural expansion and retraction process of collagen and elastin in our bodies can be permanently altered when the skin is stretched too quickly. This alteration leaves linear grooves and stripes on areas such as thighs, buttocks, breasts, chest, arms, and abdomen.